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Florad is a packaged radiant floor heating system whereby warm water is pumped through Polyethylene tubes (manufactured to ISO 1234 standards, with SABS approval) arranged in such a manner as to distribute heat quickly and evenly through a building. Tubes are spaced between 150 and 200 mm to enable lowered input requirements. Florad installs 33 to 50% more tube than traditional/ competitive systems.

The tubes are connected by flow and return lines to a distribution (manifold) panel which usually contains the system's heat source and circulating pump. The heated water is transported through the tubes which conduct heat into the floor slab / screed. The resulting warm floor then radiates heat into the room, heating all solid objects such as walls, ceilings, furnishings and people in the same natural manner that the sun heats the earth.

Flexible Installation

The Florad underfloor water heating system can be installed in any concrete floor and is suitable for all types of floor coverings, including solid timer and suspended timber floor.


Florad recommends the installation of thermal floor insulation. Benefits include lowered heating costs by limiting the downward heat-loss.
Thermal Floor Insulation Process Thermal Floor Insulation Installation
* Installation in surface bed 40mm High density polystyrene
*Installation between concrete slab and topping layer.
30mm High density polystyrene (DV24) &
reinforcing mesh Including wall barriers (5mm)

Tubing Installation

Water Based Heating Installation

Florad installation on top of the concrete slab

The Florad tubing can be installed on top of the concrete slab and just be covered with screed before the final finish is installed. The screed thickness should be no less than 35mm to cover the tubing sufficiently for tiled floors and 40mm for carpeted and laminated wood floors. It is advisable to install insulation below the concrete slab to limit heat loss. The insulation would be placed on top of the DPC plastic sheeting with the concrete cast directly onto the insulation material.

Water Heating Installation with Insulation

Florad installation with insulation on top of the concrete slab

This installation method is the most efficient way of heating as the heat losses are optimally minimized. The slab however needs to be cast 90-100mm lower than the finished floor level (one standard brick height lower than normal). The insulation is installed on top of the concrete slab and a foam insulation strip of 100mm high is nailed to the walls, whereby the insulation on the floor will limit heat loss into the concrete slab. A steel-reinforcing mat is laid onto the insulation and the heat tubing is fixed to this steel mesh. A screed of approximately 60mm is cast containing the tubing and reinforcing mesh. The Florad heating system will have a faster reaction time using this method of installation, as no heat is lost into the concrete slab.

Water Heating under Timber Flooring

Florad installation under timber flooring

There are three methods of installing the Florad underfloor water heating system under solid timber flooring depending on the construction of the timber floors. The most commonly used method where battens are fixed to a concrete slab and the heating tubing is laid between the battens. The space between the battens is filled with screed, level with the top of the battens. The screed must dry before the timber floor is fitted and floor moisture content should be measured by the flooring specialist before the timber is installed. We recommend that floor temperature sensing thermostats be fitted to control the heating system as an added safety measure to prevent over-heating of the floors.

Manifold Installation

Water Heating Manifold
The manifold directs the right amount of warm water to the required zone. Heating zones can be controlled manually.

Thermostatic Control

We are able to use almost any thermostat type or brand in conjunction with our under floor heating cables. Ideally we try to match the thermostat cover plates with the switch-gear being used in the rest of the house. Aesthetically this gives you a far better finished look.
We can in certain cases have one brand of cover plate engineered to fit another brands Thermostat. Although there are many brands of thermostats they can all be broken down into two basic categories.


Digital Programmable Thermostat

Digital Programmable Thermostats

These thermostats give you the option of dividing your days into segments and allowing you to set the ideal temperature for that particular time of day. As an example you can program the thermostats to reduce the desired temperature from 22°c down to 17°c during the day when no one is at home. This amounts to significant reduction in energy costs.

Standard Analog Thermostat

Standard Analog Thermostat

Here normally through a small dial, you set the thermostat to your specific required temperature. This desired temperature is then static and will remain at that chosen level as long as the system is turned on or until a different temperature is chosen.


Individual room thermostats provide greater control flexibility and can be added on request More Info >>

Heat Sources

Heat Pumps
Heat Pump

Heat pumps are often used as the primary heat source due to their low energy (electricity) usage. A heat pump extracts energy from the surrounding free air and transfers the energy to the water that is pumped through the floor tubing. The heat pump saves up to 70% of the operating cost when compared to electric elements.

More Info >>
Gas Heating System
Gas Burner

Gas boilers can be used as primary heat sources for the radiant under-floor heating systems. It should be noted that a bulk gas (LPG) supply or piped gas supply is necessary to operate the heating system cost effectively.
Solar Collectors


Solar collectors can be used to collect solar energy and are best suited for areas with a low incidence of cloud cover during the winter months, mainly the summer rainfall regions. Solar water heating installation requires a storage tank and the heat from the solar panels can be used to heat a swimming pool in summer when the under-floor heating is switched off.

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We are able to use almost any thermostat type or brand in conjunction with our under floor heating cables.

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