swimming pool heating

Unglazed Solar Panels

Unglazed Solar Panels (JHB Only)

  • Simple installation
  • Requires direct sunlight
  • Inexpensive

This will extend swimming periods by increasing temperatures by ± 5°C in summer, dependant on solar activity. Panels require direct sunlight to generate energy. A pool blanket is highly recommended.

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

This Heat pump will generate heat daytime /and/or night-time. The Heat pump is designed for pool temperatures of approx 8 °C above ambient air temperature. (± 28 °C)

Pool Heating Via Pool Heat Exchanger

Pool Heating Via Pool Heat Exchanger

When used in combination with solar panels, swimming pools can be heated by connection of a pool heat exchanger which transfers heat from 1 medium to another.

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Florad Swimming Pool Heating

Heat your pool with pool heating systems from Florad: Unglazed Solar Panels, Heat Pump Systems and Pool Heat Exchagers.

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